Web Accessibility is broken. It’s time to fix it.

A presentation at AccessU 2022 by Eric Eggert

The web is still an accessibility wasteland. It must not be one. However, systematic issues plague progress that would enable millions of disabled people to properly participate as netizens.


If we want the web to be a better, more accessible place, we have to align the easy, cost-effective decision with the correct, accessible decision. As long as our guidance is complicated, our tools hard to use, and our standards imprecise, even people who want an accessible outcome feel that they have to work “against” the accessibility requirements.

That is not how it should be. Making an accessible decision should feel the default, natural. Let’s create a world where we support people who want to do the right thing and not penalize them for not knowing the details of how a screen reader works.

Learn how we got to the web we have right now. Learn what we can learn from the roads taken and from the paths we left unexplored. Understand why the web’s accessibility is an entangled network with various constituents. And then, find out how we all can untangle this network to make the vision of the web a reality: This is for everyone.