Q&A: Comparison of National Accessibility Guidelines

A presentation at Europäisches Accessibility Forum by Eric Eggert

Panel discussion at the European Accessibility Forum Frankfurt (eafra.eu) with Prof. Dr. Christian Bühler (TU Dortmund), Raph de Rooij (ICTU), Eric Eggert (Webkrauts), Dr. Jonathan Hassell (BBC), Peter Krantz (vormals bei der Swedish Administrative Development Agency, Verva), 27. März 2009.

All European guidelines for web accessibility are based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the W3C. Nonetheless, they differ fundamentally in their scope, emphasis, goals, and approach. What can we learn from one another? How and when will WCAG 2 be incorporated into legislation?

German translation: https://vimeo.com/3955347