Accessibility Master Class

A presentation at John Slatin AccessU in in Austin, TX, USA by Eric Eggert

The big picture overview for any stage of implementing an accessibility program across an organization. Starting with the institutional evaluation and providing tools and methodology for each stage, our team will take you through what you need to put in place a process to ensure that you reach and maintain your accessibility goals. Depending on class size and composition, we may break into smaller groups to facilitate learning about the steps to accessibility including the practical aspects of how to:

  • Engage stakeholders (all of them)
  • Recruit executive sponsor
  • Set explicit goals/standards
  • Define success
  • Adopt/create explicit policy
  • Assess current status
  • Build and integrate teams
  • Train across roles
  • Integrate support structures
  • Test, measure, report
  • Evaluate, repeat
  • Integrate inclusive design into a general process (sustain)