Eric’s upcoming schedule

Eric Eggert is presenting at these upcoming events.

Berlin, Germany

Accessibility Club Summit

Connecting the Accessibility Dots (Full Day Workshop)

Tickets for €50

It is easy to get lost in the requirements for accessibility, the needs of people with disabilities and intricate specific workings of assistive technologies. I addition there’s lots of jargon around that does makes picking up accessibility hard.

Eric’s workshop tries to give an holistic view of accessibility. Why is it important? What are the important concepts? How do people with disabilities actually use the web? How can we create accessible websites without consulting WCAG all the time? When, and how, can we make sure that we don’t step into the same traps all the time again and again?

The second half of the workshop will then answer the specific questions of the audience (which Eric will ask them to provide beforehand so he can prepare a few good examples). Basically applying the approaches learned in the morning to practical use.

The audience of the workshop are people who have a good understanding of parts of the web or even of accessibility but who desire a framework which they can apply in their daily life.

16 November 2019

Anaheim, CA, USA

CSUN 2020

Respecting User Preferences on the Web

Starting with reduced motion preferences, websites and apps are becoming increasingly aware of a user’s display preferences. Learn how this affects creating new interfaces.

09 March 2020

Anaheim, CA, USA

CSUN 2020

European A11Y Feud – A fun family quiz

The BAD boys are back with more fun questions about new European accessibility policies, W3C, and WCAG, everyone’s favorite topic! (Right?)

(Presentation with Wilco Fiers)

09 March 2020